Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Honorary Director

Prof. (Dr.) C. T. Aravindakumar

Email : cta@mgu.ac.in
Ph: +91-481-2732120/620 (O)
Fax: +91-481-2731002/9
Website : www.ctamgu.in

Area of Research: Environmental Chemistry; Advanced oxidation process; water & air pollution

Joint Directors

Dr. Mahesh Mohan

Ph: +91-481-2732120/620 (O)
+91 9447871596 (Mob.)
Fax: +91 481 2732620
Email : maheshmohan@mgu.ac.in, mahises@gmail.com

Area of Research: Environmental Pollution, Toxicology, Biogeochemistry, Metal-microbe interactions, Polar Environment Research,  Environment Management, EIA

Dr. Mathew A. Varghese

+91 9446217402 (Mob)
+91 481 273 1040 (O)
 Email: matzwordz@gmail.com

Areas of Interest: Urban Processes, Spatial Transformations, Ecologies in the Making, Political Geography, Human Ecology, Animal Human Relationships

Scientific advisors

Dr. E.V.Ramasamy

 Tel: 94470 95935

Email : evramasamy@mgu.ac.in

Area of Research: Environmental Biotechnology, waste management, Bioremediation, Vermitechnology, Microbial fuel cells, Soil carbon dynamics, Sustainable sanitation

Dr. Lirar Pulikkalakath

Mob: 9947308305

Email: lirarmgu@gmail.com, lirar@mgu.ac.in

Area of Research: International Migration, West Asian Studies, Foreign Policy of India

Academic advisors

Dr. K.M. Seethi


Inter University Centre for Social Science Research and Extensions


Email: kmseethimgu@gmail.com

Dr. Baiju K. R

Associate Professor & Director

School of Environmental Sciences

Mob: 9447573027 Email: baijukr@mgu.ac.in

Dr. C. Vinodan


School of International Relations

Mob. 9249726502 Email: vinodan.c@gmail.com

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